Pi-star verson 4.1.1 Changelog

Kenneth R Fowler N4VKF <fxpd614@...>

NEW - Pi-star Change Log


02-May-2020 **Version 4.1.1** - Available as an upgrade only (images coming  

    soon...) This version adds some missing WiFi drivers, the version  

    upgrade is actually very small in this case, however at the same time  

    I also released a lot of other updates / upgrades to the system.


    YSF2DMR/YSF2P25/YSF2NXDN/DMR2YSF - all of the cross-over modes that  

        include YSF functionality have been mis-behaving on some new  

        Yaesu Radios, looks like Yaesu require some additional fields  

        in the YSF headder. Credit for fixing this goes to Douglas  

        AD8DP for writing a patch for DMR2YSF, I was able to work up  

        some patches for the YSF2xxx modes based on his work.  


    YSF Link Manager - After a conversation with Jonathan (G4KLX) he very  

        kindly added remote control support into the gateway apps  

        such that the target can be controlled from the command line.  

        So now we have a working YSF Link manager that can swap the  

        active target without needing to restart the serivce - nice. 


    DMRGateway - Upgraded to the current release, this includes Dynamic TG  

        re-writing for you to experiment with.

Kenneth Fowler