DMRX dmr system news

Kenneth R Fowler N4VKF <fxpd614@...>

Copied from Facebook:

As some of you may heard, DMRX who hosts 3100, 310-312, and many other state wide talkgroups are closing down on May 2nd, Bm is working closely with other cbridge owners to pick up the slack and get new links configured. We have just started talking, but what we do know is 3100, 310-312 will be hosted off of BrandMeister. NY 3136, PA 3142, FL 3112, 3134 NJ, 3124 MD, and 3110 DE are just a few examples of talkgroups we are working on. Please have patience while we work all of this out so we can continue to have a bridged DMR network!